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We often hear about finding our voice, our way of being heard in the world; the way we express ourselves, in our personal truth, after we mature in some fashion. Through the years I’ve been expressing myself through my writing. Writing is more comfortable for me; it comes more naturally, and I’ve received many compliments about it.


Telling My Story

In an effort to strengthen my verbal communication I have joined Toastmasters International, attending one of the many chapters available in Tucson. In a couple of days I will be giving my first speech before the members of my chapter. It’s called an Ice Breaker speech, in which I present information about myself.

Within the context of giving this speech, I will need to be mindful of long pauses, “filler” words, sounds, and coughs, body language, eye contact, and time. That’s a lot to be aware of while trying to sound natural! After I’ve spoken I will receive an evaluation so that I can learn what I need to work on. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling – one I hope to overcome and learn from so I can improve.

I’ll come back here to report on what I learned from sharing my speaking voice with others. Stay tuned!

If you think you might be interested in learning a new skill in communication, visit the Toastmasters website.