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A couple of weeks ago, as I was meeting with women from the Tucson Women’s Bloggers Meetup group at the Tucson YWCA, I asked if anyone had written a blog about them. I learned that something had been written a while back, and a “refresher” might be beneficial in highlighting the service that we receive from the YWCA.

Frances McClelland

This group of blogging women meets weekly for a time that is set aside for focusing on our writing goals, whether that be a memoir, a blog post, or technical online subjects. The Y has given us access to a computer lab, with WiFi, where we can work in general quiet, and be available to help each other with projects. We can use our laptops or any of the computers that are “live” in the lab. There is a wealth of experience and information that we share during these times.

I didn’t realize how close I already was to the YWCA in other ways, and I’m happy to share the information I’ve discovered. Like many others I’m sure, I haven’t been so aware of the YW’s mission, goals, and services here. In visiting the YWCA website to learn about its in-depth involvement in the Tucson community, I have also learned of other connections I have with the organization.

Not too long ago I became a Realtor® with Long Realty Company, and while conducting research on the YWCA I discovered that the CEO of my company  is strongly connected to the YWCA. She is Rosey Koberlein who is a YWCA Board Member and GTL’s (Greater Tucson Leadership) 2015 “Woman Of The Year”. And until I began to write this piece, I didn’t know her involvement.

In addition, during the month of March our office has been collecting clothing and accessories for women for the “Your Sister’s Closet”, an outreach of the YWCA that provides clothing for women seeking employment, but who do not have the appropriate attire. While my friend and I donated items to this cause, I didn’t know what the connection to the community was at first.

As a former social worker I strongly advocate for women’s issues, mostly through my blog posts on SwanneSong. So I’m happy to promote the services and outreach the Tucson YWCA offers to women in so many ways. There is a lot of need in the Tucson community, to uplift women, their goals, their explorations in business, and their abilities to find equality in the community.

The Tucson YWCA is located at 525 N. Bonita Avenue, in the Frances McClelland Community Center. Inside the building you will also find the The Cafe, where you can find beverages and a variety of sandwich and salad options. Here you can find the full menu.

If you would like to know more, you can learn about the programs at the YWCA here. Read about Frances McClelland here.