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record keeperFor a long time I have known myself to be a record keeper, as a group secretary, through documentation in my employment, genealogy, photography, journaling, and blogging. I even ‘had to have’ the Pendleton blanket “The Record Keeper” for my home.

When I first became involved in social media I was on the network known as zaadz, which later became Gaia. I joined just as my partner entered the hospital ; his sister was a member. I found comfort on that site and I began blogging there, with the handle of Traveling Alchemist. In other posts I referred to myself as “meanderer” and “wanderer”.

Su - Rave Chart-1smallA short time later I ‘bumped into’* information about a transformational guide for personal growth called Human Design. I eventually contacted a student of Human Design for a ‘reading’ of my bodygraph, or chart, that offers a graphic representation of the information about me. While the reading was incomplete I did feel that it was pretty accurate.

Over time I’ve studied and experimented with the knowledge and here is where I want to share something in particular. On my bodygraph there is a gate that relates to the I Ching hexagram, “The Wanderer”. It is Gate 56, the Gate of Stimulation, and it describes me perfectly. The love of travel is also associated with this gate, seeking stimulation, journeying, and adventure. And as most of my followers know, I have traveled a lot!

From The Definitive Book of Human Design:
Gate 56 is where ideas are gathered together, and where visual memory is recollected and verbally recounted. This is the gate of the casual historian. It is the voice of the storyteller and philosopher…An idea is not a solution, or a call to action, but rather a journey over time designed to stimulate the formation of our ideals and beliefs. Your mind translates human experience into language. Once an idea is expressed verbally, the process is complete. Your feelings influence which new ideas and experiences you seek to explore, and your recollections or stories about them are subjective and selective. What you teach us about life will include some facts, but the unique lessons will come from your interpretation of the experience tinged with emotional overtones. Your stories add colorful threads to the expanding tapestry of humanity’s progress.

The 56th gate is more fascinated with seeking than with finding. It is continually open to stimulation and experience for its own sake, but is not motivated to create those experiences…Your creativity and style of presentation becomes magical when you weave together ideas and stories from your philosophical reflections on what it means to be a human being experiencing life.. You have a gift for taking a sequence of ideas and fashioning a story out of them that can teach or entertain an audience. Unlike the voice of logic, which is focused on data and facts, (your) voice takes all of the bits and pieces of information and elaborates on them by filling in the gaps. In this way information is brought to life as a story that has the power to influence people by stimulating their imagination and emotions.

Paraphrasing, “(You) are specially equipped to share as a casual historian, truth seeker and teacher from your experience.” Sharing this information is also something that Gate 56 requires. I am doing what I was ‘designed’ to do!

i_ching_56_lu*One aspect of anyone’s design is something called “profile”. My profile is referred to as a 3/6 – related to the lines of an I Ching hexagram. Line three discovers what doesn’t work through trial and error, and bumping into things.

See information about Human Design here.